Libra - 23 October 2014

  • You'll be able to single out the limitations of people around you but this is not to highlight them but to actually help. You'll be able to stimulate your beloved by being sensitive and profound, Be prepared to talk about many different subjects.
  • Look after your finances as they are a little unstable at the moment. Don't let an attractive opportunity slip between your fingers. You'll be able to take the initiative and make out with a fascinating person who you will meet through a friend.
  • Lady Luck is on your side, giving you new opportunities, vitality and the desire to do as much as possible. Try not to be dispersive and concentrate. Astral influences will be beneficial and everything will go perfectly. You'll be more comprehensive and your relationship will go through an unrepeatable moment.
  • This period goes smoothly and you'll be able to afford to buy yourself something nice. This will make you feel real good. Don't go out with anyone who is married or in a relationship as this could lead to a huge disappointment on your part.
  • Excellent prospects are forecast but you could be given a far more difficult task than you expected, making you feel anxious and worried. Today new encounters are on the cards or you'll be able to consolidate your relationship. Try to be understanding and helpful.
  • You'll feel disorientated and stressed and everything will make you edgy. Don't show this and don't confide in unreliable people. You'll feel a great urge to escape and will try to convince your loved one to do something out of the ordinary.
  • You'll be freed from a situation which has caused you distress. Things will go much better in your relationship. Communication will be serene and this will be one of your best moments.
  • You'll be able to increase your earnings thanks to good investment which will let you buy something for yourself. Try to overcome your desire for novelty and try to stay by your loved one's side as he or she feels a little left out at the moment.
  • You'll feel indifferent about an opportunity which comes your way but in fact this could be worth exploring. Some hostile planets suggest you beware of those around you as they could be totally different to how they seem.
  • At work you'll be noticed and will be singled out as being one of the best in your field. This means you'll be able to ask for a pay rise. You will have to deal with your partner's pessimistic attitude towards the future together. He or she will maintain a firm position and this will upset you.
  • You'll have a great opportunity to change jobs, you'll be tempted by renewal and you wont let any opportunity slip by. You'll be able to stimulate your beloved by being sensitive and profound, Be prepared to talk about many different subjects.
  • Cast aside all uneasiness and try to be objective and maintain your principles to build a solid foundation for your future. You'll be able to meet new people and flirt with a new acquaintance who has a fantastic body. Try not to get too involved.
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