Sagittarius - 28 November 2014

  • Your projects will be largely appreciated and let you climb the career ladder or get a long-awaited pay raise. You will be able to clear up a recent quarrel with your partner. Try not to nag him or her with your stubbornness.
  • A stagnant phase where not much news is on the cards. Do not let this get you down as things will soon go smoothly once more. Try to moderate the number of times you socialize in this period as this will help keep your partner's jealousy at bay.
  • You'll go through a different phase thanks to an invitation which will let you make new acquaintances for your job. Due to your partner's forgetfulness, tonight's plans go up in smoke but you'll take the blame.
  • You'll probably be upset by some news; this could come form a credit institute or an impatient supplier. You'll feel very graceful and understanding towards your loved one and this will lead to a pleasant period, full of passion and eroticism.
  • You'll do your best, putting many demands on co-workers who are involved in this but they'll realize why you are putting so much pressure on them and will be understanding. You will be caught up in a conversation with a friend who promises to have interesting implications also from a sentimental point of view. Be decisive.
  • The dark clouds will pass and you'll be able to sort out the chaos around you. You'll be increasingly better off financially. You will be caught up in a conversation with a friend who promises to have interesting implications also from a sentimental point of view. Be decisive.
  • Someone will try to belittle your capacity, putting your work into a bad light; try to discover this person's real intentions. You'll be fascinating and sensual; it'll be easy to conquer others and you'll be able to start up a new relationship if you are single.
  • You'll be able to get revenge. You'll have heaps of imagination and will win over new acquaintances. Your beloved will feel ignored and will want you by his or her side. Be as understanding as you can at this delicate time.
  • You'll be able to make great changes at work. Don't be too instinctive and try to complete all your various tasks. You'll react to your beloved's provocations rather harshly but this is simply not to show how upset you feel by them.
  • Try to be meek and avoid any form of arrogance or aggression towards co-workers who behave differently than you do. You'll have a dream about your relationship and this will make you agitated. Don't take any notice of this dream as it only represents your fear of losing your beloved.
  • Avoid saying what you think as this could offend one of your bosses. Your partner will confide in you and be very sincere; this will make you feel closer to him or her.
  • You won't fully agree on operational methods and will be critical which could affect inter-personal relations. You'll tend to keep your feelings to yourself and won't be open with your beloved. You'll have no desire to see him or her when others are around.
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