Libra - 8 October 2015

  • Don't waste money on risky investments and things will go smoothly. Everything will go smoothly, you'll be able to fulfill your desires and will have a romantic evening full of tenderness.
  • A gentle and helpful co-worker will help you get out of a difficult and compromising situation. You'll be faced with a very complex situation and will manage to contrast what your beloved says with the undeniable truth.
  • Don't waste money on risky investments and things will go smoothly. Things will go much better in your relationship. Communication will be serene and this will be one of your best moments.
  • You'll be favored by the Stars; you'll meet important people, make positive choices and improve your life. Positive Stars are on the cards so expect great harmony and intense emotions with your partner.
  • If you act prudently, you'll have excellent occasions for higher than usual income. Finally you will reap the fruits of your efforts. You won't feel as if feelings are reciprocated in this phase and will feel a great need for tenderness but your partner does not comply.
  • Your skills will be admired and others will try to emulate you so that they can quickly solve all their own problems. You'll be slightly insolent towards your partner, you'll ask personal questions about past relationships and this will embarrass your partner.
  • Work autonomously as relationships with those in your midst won't be great. Do things your way. Don't hide yourself away from problems as this will simply make things worse for your relationship.
  • Lady Luck is on your side, giving you new opportunities, vitality and the desire to do as much as possible. Try not to be dispersive and concentrate. You can be daring as you'll have the support of the Stars; so if you're interested in someone, take your courage in both hands and make your feelings known.
  • You'll be very busy at work with all the duties given you do don't show signs of boredom or discontent. The Stars suggest that sometimes you act a little mysteriously towards your loved one as this will make him or her feel closer to you.
  • Instability (due to poor management of your duties) is on the cards. Consequently, try to look at the way you work. You'll be very practical and will openly say what you think about your partner's behavior as this is not in line with yours.
  • You'll be able to defend your rights by openly saying what you think about what you consider is bad behavior. You'll find a way to link pleasure with utility and have a positive and advantageous vacation with your partner.
  • Do not shout or raise your voice; you can obtain the same things by being a little more accommodating. You'll feel a great urge to confide in your partner and talk about things which have upset you in the past.
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