Taurus - 25 April 2014

  • You won't be able to express your opinions and this will make you contrary to all that is asked of you. Reflect before taking an important decision which you could later regret.
  • You'll be excited by an opportunity for professional growth which encourages you to do as much as possible. You won't feel very energetic in this period so you'll try to find time for yourself. This will help your well-being.
  • You'll be extremely inspirational so will overcome any doubts and incertitude of a task for which you are responsible. Nevertheless, ask colleagues for help. You'll feel the urge to start an affair with someone you met in a bar or club and who showed interest in you from the start.
  • This is a lucky phase where you'll make useful acquaintances and be able to learn something new. Don't let yourself be influenced by a friend's advice as he or she is actually very envious of you.
  • You'll relive old passions which will make you reflect on opportunities neglected over time. Don't let them slip by again. Don't get too upset if your beloved is over inquisitive; you have nothing to hide.
  • You can gain your collaborators' trust by involving them in the current situation. They'll be understanding and helpful. You'll have great opportunities to consolidate your relationship; you'll decide important dates for your life with your beloved.
  • You'll feel discouraged by some trials and tribulations at work and will take this to heart. Have faith in your beloved. He or she will realize how much of an effort you are making and will do anything to comfort and reassure you.
  • You'll get revenge on someone who has underestimated you and belittled your potential. You'll be very capricious; your beloved will make some suggestions but your mind will be on other things and this may lead to minor tiffs.
  • You'll be able to get revenge. You'll have heaps of imagination and will win over new acquaintances. Today new encounters are on the cards or you'll be able to consolidate your relationship. Try to be understanding and helpful.
  • You'll be full of zeal and very concrete. Your professional ways will win your partner over who'll want to get to know you better. During this period, you'll feel close to your beloved and try out new activities together. These will be great stress relievers and you'll soon get back your joie de vivre.
  • You'll grow as a person, coping marvelously with all the tasks assigned to you. Try to focus. You won't be very shrewd and your partner will realize that recently you had a fling so try not to leave proof hanging around.
  • Good news will make you more positive and kinder towards others. You'll also be more willing to help out at work. This is a magical time where your relationship will consolidate, you'll be more spontaneous and will be able to clarify some situations.
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