Leo - 28 July 2015

  • Things will go smoothly and you won't need any help whatsoever. You'll feel a little discontented as you won't get what you want. You must be patient and wait for better times. You won't necessarily have to wait for a long time you know.
  • You'll choose a solution even if you have to make sacrifices ultimately; don't expect others to help out - you'll have to manage alone. You'll have heaps of regenerative energy and this will help make your relationship far more pleasant.
  • You'll want to change your habits, stop being so lazy, become punctual and ready for everything! You'll be very delicate and attentive to your partner's demands and this will allow you to obtain complete flexibility when facing any kind of problem.
  • You'll face every single decision with determination and energy, not really letting others intervene but try not to rile your superiors. You'll be very attentive to things which seem significant and you'll try to take the right measures to improve your relationship.
  • Stop being so sure of yourself and try to work with others in a flexible way. Venus is not favorable so you can expect tension in your relationship, due to your excessive obstinacy.
  • Difficulties will ease off slightly but you'll still have to tighten your belt financially. However don't worry as something will soon change. You'll be able to go on a trip to the lake or mountain with your beloved. This will be a relaxing, harmonious excursion.
  • You'll feel extremely tired and won't want to do anything which is too hard. Try not to compromise all the effort you've made until now. You'll play hard to get, you'll enjoy letting your beloved run after you but soon you'll be forgiven simply by smothering him or her with affection.
  • You won't feel tired and this will lead to great things. With patience and tenacity, you'll get unexpected, profitable results. Don't let yourself be influenced by a friend's advice as he or she is actually very envious of you.
  • You'll have many problems to face but will also be able to count on someone's help. You'll be very seductive and can expect many happy moments tonight; this will give you more self confidence.
  • Try not to take sudden decisions and think carefully before every move. You could compromise your efforts. You will be able to clear up a recent quarrel with your partner. Try not to nag him or her with your stubbornness.
  • Don't take an unexpected event too lightly as this risks becoming a problem which will take ages to solve. You'll be very attentive to things which seem significant and you'll try to take the right measures to improve your relationship.
  • You will not let yourself be intimidated by anyone. You will have a constructive attitude and beware of pretensions to someone who takes advantage of you. You'll have heaps of energy and will be really nice to your partner. You'll highlight his or her good points and this will make things go really well in the relationship.
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