Sagittarius - 24 November 2014

  • Stop being so sure of yourself and try to work with others in a flexible way. There is a stellium of planets in your sign; this will make you more objective and you'll find the right words to soothe your partner's heated opinions.
  • Try to stop following impossible dreams and work out what your real possibilities are; otherwise you risk compromising all your efforts. With positive thoughts you could further improve your relationship so that it becomes unique and lets you feel totally fulfilled.
  • You'll give someone you trust a difficult task. You'll be very pretentious but be patient and don't be oppressive. If you still haven't found The One, the Stars look promising and before long you'll be in the arms of a new acquaintance.
  • Don't lose your cool with an envious co-worker. Try to simply understand the reasons for his or her hostility. You could bicker with your beloved who doesn't agree with you and claims you are superficial so try to meet his or her needs.
  • Do not shout or raise your voice; you can obtain the same things by being a little more accommodating. A new acquaintance will appreciate you when you relate your emotional affairs. He or she will be impressed by you and enjoy your company.
  • Don't get influenced by events, keep calm; it's only by staying firm and decisive that you will solve the problems of the recent phase. Today you won't have the right instinct towards your partner. You could be invasive and indelicate.
  • Don't rush things and try not to cause stress as you may have to pay the consequences. You will have to deal with your partner's pessimistic attitude towards the future together. He or she will maintain a firm position and this will upset you.
  • You'll feel discouraged by some trials and tribulations at work and will take this to heart. If you are in a solid relationship, you can expect to make an important decision about living together or purchasing a house together.
  • A delay (which is not your fault) will irritate you somewhat and you'll be angry at comments made about it. The Stars suggest a phase of intense emotions; your partner will be close and kind to you.
  • You'll have a great deal of support during this period; the atmosphere will be more positive and you'll feel stimulated and creative. Your beloved will do all he or she can to help with your everyday problems and will suggest an evening out for you to forget your worries.
  • You'll be excited by an opportunity for professional growth which encourages you to do as much as possible. You'll be very disappointed to discover that a person you thought was interesting and stimulating is, in fact, insignificant.
  • You'll be open to all ideas and will make good investments especially if you are self-employed. After a heated discussion with your loved one, you will feel the desire to re-evaluate yourself and give yourself some time out to punish his cold attitude
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