Aquarius - 27 January 2015

  • You'll feel extremely tired and won't want to do anything which is too hard. Try not to compromise all the effort you've made until now. Venus improves the possibility of meeting people but you must not delude yourself as this will come to nothing.
  • You won't be satisfied with your results and will want to overtake others. Be careful as someone could discover what you're up to. Don't repress your anxiety; try to talk about it otherwise a bad mood will spoil your day.
  • You'll probably be upset by some news; this could come form a credit institute or an impatient supplier. You can look forward to a time of relaxation and spend some quality time with your partner. Together you'll make plans for your future.
  • You'll have valid opportunities but the stars are not in your favor so you may lose these chances through laziness or indifference. You'll be very jealous of your partner's friends and will have difficulty hiding this. Act sensibly and do not make a scene.
  • You'll be charismatic, energetic and charming and eventually, because of this, you will be given a difficult project to carry out which you will do well. You won't be able to control your mood swings and this will lead to friction with your beloved. You'll be very stubborn and will want to be right even when you obviously are not.
  • There'll be heaps of opportunities to satisfy your ego and make you excel in your professional environment; Stop being so egocentric and try to make things better but being less selfish and more altruistic.
  • Today don't trust in your instinct and ask for help from someone who is more experienced than you. Today you'll have a great deal of respect for coupledom and you'll try to distract your loved one by making him or her make small changes.
  • You'll have heaps of work but great opportunities to highlight your strengths. However be open and loyal towards co-workers. You don't accept your partner's way of doing things and will show your disappointment even at the risk of getting into a bad fight.
  • You'll show you are conscientious and aware of your limits. This attitude will be greatly appreciated and will avoid disagreements with a superior. The Stars suggest a period of instability in your relationship due to your evasive ways; there is a lack of responsibility towards one another.
  • You won't feel like listening to a colleague's complaints and will try to distract him or her by speaking of other matters. You'll be hesitant towards your beloved and won't know how to confide certain things to him or her. The Stars recommend sincerity.
  • Today don't trust in your instinct and ask for help from someone who is more experienced than you. You'll be very generous and kind to your partner but this won't be mutual; avoid serious discussions and wait patiently for a better phase.
  • Your energy and combativeness will make you feel invincible and you will earn the sympathy of colleagues and superiors. Something will put your relationship to the test; avoid jealously and futile fights as the Stars claim your partner really loves you.
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