Libra - 21 October 2014

  • You'll have heaps of initiative and flair and this will allow you to complete things ahead of time and grasp all opportunities. You'll ask your beloved sensible questions and you'll try to be delicate towards him or her to not cause any unease or embarrassment.
  • You'll decide you need to reflect and this will allow you to evaluate new interests and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new direction or field. You will be caught up in a conversation with a friend who promises to have interesting implications also from a sentimental point of view. Be decisive.
  • You'll have pleasant surprises which will let you confirm you qualities and promise good career advancement. Your loved one is expecting something from you. You will have to conciliate your duties and dedicate some time to your relationship. You must not feel oppressed.
  • Relationships with co-workers will be difficult. Someone will behave unprofessionally and this will upset you. Your beloved will do all he or she can to help with your everyday problems and will suggest an evening out for you to forget your worries.
  • Be careful of the way you express yourself as someone could inadvertently overhear you and be amazed at your lack of tact towards a subordinate. Avoid making mistakes as Venus is not favorable towards you at the moment. Avoid arrogance and presumption.
  • Don't lose your cool with an envious co-worker. Try to simply understand the reasons for his or her hostility. Do not make many rushed choices which could bring your relationship to an end.
  • You'll reflect before taking any major decisions. Just be careful when seeking advice from those more experienced than you. You'll feel a great urge to confide in your partner and talk about things which have upset you in the past.
  • Don't rush your plans for the future; by being a little patient, you'll get more than you expected. If you are single, devote today to a new acquaintance. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, use today to improve it.
  • You'll meet people who will stimulate your creative nature and desire to show others how lively you are. You'll be very constructive and will try to strengthen your relationship by taking on responsibilities and putting your beloved at the center of your attention.
  • You'll be asked to be scrupulous and careful at work so check over all possible errors. A tiring, unimaginative phase. This will induce you to look for new ways to enjoy yourself without your partner however he or she will find this confusing.
  • Problems are on the cards as someone is trying to hinder your progress; this could be an envious co-worker who wants to harm you. The Stars will look favorably down on you and will give you a lovely, positive phase, putting a spark into your relationship. You will do all you can to satisfy your loved one.
  • Your skills will be admired and others will try to emulate you so that they can quickly solve all their own problems. This morning, as you leave the house towards lunch time, someone will look at you with great admiration. Try not to be too cold and approach him or her.
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