Aries - 17 April 2014

  • With commitment and dedication, a boss will notice you, be grateful and allow you to grow professionally. You'll be very understanding and supportive with your beloved who has been a little fragile lately and has had some problems.
  • You may be prone to mood swings. Try to accept things as they are in order to avoid arguments with co-workers or superiors Your loved one is expecting something from you. You will have to conciliate your duties and dedicate some time to your relationship. You must not feel oppressed.
  • You'll be able to reap the benefits of an operation which you managed and set up. You'll be pleased with the results. You'll be able to count on your beloved's total trust in you. He or she won't ask any questions or control you so you'll be free to act as you wish.
  • You won't feel like listening to a colleague's complaints and will try to distract him or her by speaking of other matters. You'll be really happy due to good news concerning your future. You will be able to fix dates and make decisions on a new purchase together.
  • You'll be excited by an opportunity for professional growth which encourages you to do as much as possible. Your beloved will feel ignored and will want you by his or her side. Be as understanding as you can at this delicate time.
  • Beware when signing new contracts or working with new firms; be prudent and cautious with new contacts. You'll be able to clear up a misunderstanding with someone you are fond of. Don't let this opportunity slip you by. If you are in a relationship, go slowly and carefully.
  • You'll be highly convincing, will win over co-workers with your banter but don't talk too much. A heated disagreement is likely regarding domestic issues. Deal with this.
  • Positive Stars will mean you'll act intelligently and promptly; great opportunities for extra earning are on the cards if you are self employed. You will have some doubts on your loved one's sincerity and will try to set a trap to test his or her loyalty.
  • A minor disappointment is forecast but don't let this upset you as there are great opportunities on the cards. You'll feel a great urge to confide in your partner and talk about things which have upset you in the past.
  • You'll find it easy to do your duty and you'll deal effectively and collaboratively with every task you are given. You'll be very disappointed to discover that a person you thought was interesting and stimulating is, in fact, insignificant.
  • This is an important phase, full of good news. You can look forward to stimulating duties. If something isn't going quite right, give your beloved a kiss and you'll see you'll be instantly forgiven. Serenity and enthusiasm to go forward will return as good as new.
  • You'll have all you need in order to enjoy and build on the quality of your life; don't change anything and stop being inconstant. You'll be faced with a very complex situation and will manage to contrast what your beloved says with the undeniable truth.
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