Virgo - 4 September 2015

  • You'll have to be diplomatic when faced with an opportunity which arises. Try not to act arrogantly. An abuse of power will put you into a bad mood and will make you more impatient towards your partner. Try not be impulsive.
  • You'll receive some good news about a new project and will have support from those close to you. You'll be slightly insolent towards your partner, you'll ask personal questions about past relationships and this will embarrass your partner.
  • You'll need more time to close a deal; try to convince a superior the reasons for this. You'll be egocentrical and this will annoy your loved one, making him her difficult to live with. The Stars recommend solving this with a romantic dinner.
  • You'll find it easy to do your duty and you'll deal effectively and collaboratively with every task you are given. You'll listen to partner's criticisms of how you run your life but this will irritate you somewhat as you will not appreciate such interference in your affairs.
  • Try not to come up against your superior as this could make work relations difficult and you could lose respect. You will get the chance to meet maybe through the Net. Be careful because this person could be different from how he or she describes him/herself.
  • Try to change your behavior and try to conform to the demands of your firm; this will give you unforeseen, useful results. You'll be very jealous of your partner's friends and will have difficulty hiding this. Act sensibly and do not make a scene.
  • You'll be able to increase your earnings thanks to good investment which will let you buy something for yourself. Your beloved will appreciate your romantic ways; try not to fall into the usual trap - everything will go well and you can enjoy a relaxing phase.
  • Physically and physiologically you will be subject to ups and downs. Try to regenerate yourself and believe in yourself as this is the only way to be successful. You'll be really proud of yourself as things are going well. Your relationship will be harmonious and balanced.
  • If you want to avoid problems, don't externalize what is worrying you and avoid giving gratuitous advice to others in your midst. A minor misunderstanding could lead to problems with your beloved; try to clarify this immediately to avoid any rancor.
  • You'll be amazed to see such magnificent results - well done! Continue like this with determination and you'll be very successful. This is a fertile period - a baby may be on the way so use precautions if you are not yet ready for a child.
  • Today's Stars give you the energy to satisfy your needs. You'll make new important deals and improve your vision of things. Expect quite a lot of news; you'll experience a sparkling and erotic phase.
  • Don't take an unexpected event too lightly as this risks becoming a problem which will take ages to solve. An abuse of power will put you into a bad mood and will make you more impatient towards your partner. Try not be impulsive.
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