Virgo - 2 September 2014

  • You'll be very busy at work with all the duties given you do don't show signs of boredom or discontent. You'll cope in a delicate situation which concerns your family and loved one; you'll find the right words to say and will calm people down.
  • Stick to the tasks you've been given and don't be hot-headed as this will irritate a superior who could say something you don't deserve. Venus is not favorable so you can expect tension in your relationship, due to your excessive obstinacy.
  • There'll be heaps of opportunities to satisfy your ego and make you excel in your professional environment; Avoid making mistakes as Venus is not favorable towards you at the moment. Avoid arrogance and presumption.
  • Beware of proposals and offers made to you as they are not what they seem and could harm you financially. Be careful in this period as quarrels and fights are forecast.
  • You'll be very determined, overcome all difficulties and make changes to lead to increased earnings. If you are still looking for a partner, you'll have an excellent opportunity to start a relationship, possibly with someone you considered a friend.
  • Don't rush into matters and ponder over your choices which concern your career progression. Positive Stars are on the cards so expect great harmony and intense emotions with your partner.
  • You'll meet people who will stimulate your creative nature and desire to show others how lively you are. Astral influences will be beneficial and everything will go perfectly. You'll be more comprehensive and your relationship will go through an unrepeatable moment.
  • If you want to avoid problems, don't externalize what is worrying you and avoid giving gratuitous advice to others in your midst. Don't worry if your loved one is annoying because he or she is simply doing it to attract your attention.
  • You'll be able to evaluate the current situation and deal with those who tried to put you in a bad light and harm you. The Stars advise you to avoid being invasive with your beloved so avoid calling him or her too much and you'll soon see you'll get more back.
  • You'll get the impression that someone is controlling your work; continue to work as normal and everything will be OK. Don't be melancholic and be a little cheekier to your partner, maybe by being colder as this may attract his or her attention.
  • You'll give someone you trust a difficult task. You'll be very pretentious but be patient and don't be oppressive. You'll feel quite despondent but your loved one will support you, cuddle you and try to make you forget your disquiet.
  • You'll be amazed to see such magnificent results - well done! Continue like this with determination and you'll be very successful. You'll cope in a delicate situation which concerns your family and loved one; you'll find the right words to say and will calm people down.
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