Pisces - 6 March 2015

  • You'll be lively, inventive and with great resolve towards a complex task which risks altering your inner harmony. You may be accused of being unsubtle by highlighting your partner's faults in front of people who your partner does not really appreciate and to whom he/ she rarely speaks of himself/ herself.
  • You'll be very busy at work with all the duties given you do don't show signs of boredom or discontent. You'll spend some unforgettable times with your beloved. You'll feel full of life and joke about everything, even important matters.
  • You'll realize that there's a hostile, tense atmosphere. Don't worry; act as normal. You'll sharpen your weapons and go on the attack telling your loved one what is not good in your relationship. Avoid arguing.
  • You'll be able to involve your firm in a new opportunity and this will be beneficial financially for many people. You'll react to your beloved's provocations rather harshly but this is simply not to show how upset you feel by them.
  • Someone will try to belittle your capacity, putting your work into a bad light; try to discover this person's real intentions. You'll be very persuasive when taking important decisions which concern you both and your partner will be amazed by your zeal.
  • You'll reflect before taking any major decisions. Just be careful when seeking advice from those more experienced than you. You'll be really happy due to good news concerning your future. You will be able to fix dates and make decisions on a new purchase together.
  • You'll try to involve a friend in your future projects as they would be beneficial for both of you. You won't be able to get bored as you'll spend time with your loved one and this will be a romantic and intense phase.
  • The day starts well for you as the Stars bring news which will determine your success. You'll be irresistible; if you are single, everyone will be interested in you and if you are in a relationship, your partner will be more loving towards you.
  • The day starts well for you as the Stars bring news which will determine your success. You'll feel the urge to start an affair with someone you met in a bar or club and who showed interest in you from the start.
  • Don't worry too much about this transitional phase. Act cautiously, learning to accept the ups and downs of Life. Try not to reflect too much on your loved one's behavior; accept his or her limits and you'll receive more love and tenderness.
  • You'll have the chance of a promotion and this will please you and counteract recent disappointments. You won't be very favored by the Stars but the Moon will give you the right behavior and let you act correctly towards you partner.
  • Don't be too bossy. Delegate more to your co-workers and involve them directly in important decisions. If you are single, devote today to a new acquaintance. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, use today to improve it.
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