Scorpio - 31 October 2014

  • You'll carry out a new duty with great responsibility and will complete it. This will lead to praise and thanks. You'll be able to highlight your talents of seduction and you'll have success with a new flame who attracts by his or her mysterious ways.
  • You'll have all you need in order to enjoy and build on the quality of your life; don't change anything and stop being inconstant. Your partner will flatter you and you'll want to go along with his or her new initiatives but make sure you communicate clearly what you really want.
  • You won't be very happy work wise and will be touchy and irascible. The stars advise being more approachable. The Stars suggest a period of instability in your relationship due to your evasive ways; there is a lack of responsibility towards one another.
  • Don't waste time and enjoy this positive phrase; make some investments or major purchases. A close friend will introduce you to a person who will strike you with his or her charm. Try to avoid asking direct questions and be polite.
  • You won't want to give in to a superior's directives as you'll be convinced you know how to work. Eventually however you'll give in. A so-called friend will try to disturb the tranquility of your emotional relationship with insinuations about you.
  • You'll adopt new methods but someone won't appreciate them and will criticize you leading you to fear your stability and even redundancy. You'll be able to organize a romantic trip with your beloved and will have reached perfect harmony.
  • You'll be able to single out the limitations of people around you but this is not to highlight them but to actually help. You'll get an invitation from someone who will try to win you over but the Stars advise you not to accept it as this is someone who pesters you and is very indiscreet.
  • Be careful of the way you express yourself as someone could inadvertently overhear you and be amazed at your lack of tact towards a subordinate. An unstable period due to your negative opinion of those in your midst; this could lead to friction with your beloved.
  • Excellent prospects are forecast but you could be given a far more difficult task than you expected, making you feel anxious and worried. You'll be very attentive to things which seem significant and you'll try to take the right measures to improve your relationship.
  • A positive phase, especially if you are self-employed. You'll make great investments and increased earnings. Try to temper your ways and be as helpful as possible towards your beloved who seems to be going through a lonely period.
  • If you want to avoid problems, don't externalize what is worrying you and avoid giving gratuitous advice to others in your midst. The planetary position could cancel out something you really wanted to do; try not to take it personally because during the course of the evening you may be able to get it back.
  • You'll be able to make changes but analyze your own personal limits so not as to make rash choices and endanger your finances. Venus makes you the favorite sign of the Zodiac. You'll be able to solve problems if you are part of a couple and to conquer new friends if you are single.
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