Virgo - 16 September 2014

  • An unexpected event will mean you'll turn up late for an appointment; try to catch up quickly to avoid further delay. Try to avoid having a fling, especially if you are in a stable relationship. Your partner could find out and do the same thing then you wouldn't be able to complain.
  • You'll be able to compensate for your weaknesses and limits by involving co-workers. In this way, as a team, errors will be reduced. Even if the Moon is not your friend, your intuition will allow you to anticipate problems.
  • Don't take an unexpected event too lightly as this risks becoming a problem which will take ages to solve. You'll be very interested in a new acquaintance; you'll feel drawn to him or her but try not to make your partner jealous!
  • You'll feel disorientated and stressed and everything will make you edgy. Don't show this and don't confide in unreliable people. You'll be able to reinvigorate and strengthen your relationship confiding your concerns and secrets.
  • You could run into problems due to forgetfulness at work so be careful and check everything carefully. You won't be very shrewd and your partner will realize that recently you had a fling so try not to leave proof hanging around.
  • You'll be able to stabilize your finances and make your future more secure; this is also a good time for investments. When you are momentarily apart from one another, you'll realize just how important your partner is to you.
  • You'll be able to make great changes at work. Don't be too instinctive and try to complete all your various tasks. If you still haven't met the right person, this is an excellent time for opportunities and you'll start a long term relationship.
  • Deal with an arrogant, over-confident colleague who will try to make you edgy. Stay calm and be indifferent. A minor misunderstanding could lead to problems with your beloved; try to clarify this immediately to avoid any rancor.
  • You'll grow as a person, coping marvelously with all the tasks assigned to you. Try to focus. You'll be slightly insolent towards your partner, you'll ask personal questions about past relationships and this will embarrass your partner.
  • You'll be open to dialogue and try to evaluate together various situations which threaten to make the phase stagnant and not very innovative. Positive Stars are on the cards so expect great harmony and intense emotions with your partner.
  • Unexpected expenses are on the cards and these could lead to anxiety or worry. However in reality, they'll be an opportunity for career progression. You'll play hard to get, you'll enjoy letting your beloved run after you but soon you'll be forgiven simply by smothering him or her with affection.
  • Today you'll be loquacious and a superior will be pleased at the way you express yourself. If you are still looking for The One, this is a favorable period for you but try not to isolate yourself.
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